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Aspen laser consult


Aspen Laser

. Duration:15 mins·. Price:Free



Whole Body Cryotherapy

. Duration:15 mins··. Price:$45


. Duration:15 mins·. Price:$45

Boa Max

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$60

Frotox Facial

. Duration:12 mins··. Price:$60

Normatec Compression therapy

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$45

Celluma Light Therapy

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$45

Massage Chair

. Duration:25 mins·. Price:$45

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12 reviews
  • Dan Weeks·

    Been going to Cryogenix for several years now and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I've gotten cryo/compression/laser therapy done and the staff is very welcoming and the treatments have worked wonders for me. Top of the line treatments make me feel like a professional athlete!

  • Salvia·

    We initially came in inquiring about the Vitamin IV therapy but are now doing the Renascuplt, IV, Infrared Spa among others. It's a great place and the staff is wonderful and super helpful.

  • Michael Hannigan·

    After a ridiculously hard wrestling match last night, full body cryo and leg compression therapy is exactly what I needed.

  • Kathleen Bromly·

    Always a perfect part of my day... I look forward to that 3 minute break- it changes everything! The staff is wonderful, genuine and professional in every way!

  • Var Tran·

    Families and friends have complimented on my face (looks younger, skin much smoother, and much improved on blemishes). Have been doing cryo (facial/full body) and red lights for a year now.

  • Linda kastler·

    staff was wonderful very helpful explained things

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